YOU ARE INCHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY || with Dr.Yogi Vikashananda Manokranti | 2020

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What to do to have a healthy child? Part - 2

It is important to improve the sexual intercourse process.There have been so many revolutions in the world, public welfare rules and laws have been made, the issue of human rights has been made a major issue in the world. Still, why are five percent ruling over 95 percent? Even a hundred years ago, Karl Marx used to say that 95 percent was plundered and 5 percent was completed. We are saying the same thing today. Why Despite all these improvements and efforts, why aren't all people equal? Even with the same education, the same family environment and opportunities, one goes up a lot, one goes down from where one is. Why As long as we don't review it, our problems will continue. In order to reduce these problems, it is necessary to improve the process of fertilization. Parents had to prepare consciously about what kind of child to give birth to. But, what is happening here is that we drink alcohol and have sex unconsciously. The womb remains. And I wish the child to become wise …
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What to do to have a healthy child? Part - 1

What a child looks like depends a lot on the mood of the parents during intercourse. We are vigilant about pregnancy, childbirth and infancy. But, we don't talk much about conception. If you want to give birth to a capable, strong and capable child, you have to take care of it from the time of conception.

The birth of the blind Dhritarashtra and the sick Pandu laid the foundation for the Mahabharata war. If they had been born physically strong, there might not have been a Mahabharata war. The birth of two weak people led to a war in which millions of people died. What we need to understand from this is that if a child born physically or mentally weak reaches any 'power point', it can have a serious impact on the earth. Therefore, if we want to make the earth prosperous and peaceful, we must give birth to healthy children.
The story of Mahabharata also reveals why Dhritarashtra and Pandu were born like that. According to the story of Mahabharata, after the childless death of …

Gyan Yoga

Gyan Yoga is believed to have been performed by Gyan Maharshi Kapil. Another name for this yoga is Sankhya Yoga. According to this yoga, the whole creation is made up of 25 elements. Such as Panchatatva, five sense organs, five working senses, five Tanmatras. The last five elements are mind, intellect, ego, nature and man. Of all these elements, only masculinity is conscious, all the other twenty-four elements are unconscious, rooted. Therefore, when the conscious man and the root element are released through knowledge, the seeker realizes salvation at the same time.
Take for example the context of King Janak's liberation. The king had grown old, but he was not free. He was immediately freed from dialogue or knowledge yoga with Ashtavakra. Because he knew that I am nothing but body, mind, intellect, etc., I am only consciousness. Therefore, Gyan Yoga is the name of the method that transforms life as soon as it is understood. Another example - in the evening, the rope may look like…

Hatha Yoga

Indians are claiming yoga as their own. But this claim does not match when studying the scriptures related to yoga. There is no explanation of yoga posture in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Only meditation like Padmasana, Siddhasana or Sukhasana is discussed. There is no mention of the current yogasanas. The reference to the breathing action mentioned in the Yoga Sutras is not yoga asana, but pranayama.
The current practice of yoga is not very old. Books like Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samhita, Shiva Samhita mentioned in the yogasanas were written only two to three hundred years ago. The oldest yogasana idol found in Mahabali Puram, India is only 15-16 hundred years old. However, such paintings in Egypt are more than four thousand years old, it is called Smai Tawi. Therefore, even though subjects like meditation and pranayama seem to have developed in India, yoga seems to have entered India from Africa.
Hatha Yoga (SMART)
Although yoga exercises are basically the same, dif…